My Daphne Signature watch arrived promptly and is beautiful - just what I wanted. I found the Du Maurier service to be friendly and efficient and a pleasure to deal with. This watch is so timeless and elegant I feel it adds the final polish to any outfit.

Heather, Sussex

Parcel arrived extremely quickly considering it was sent to the opposite side of the world, and service was absolutely top notch! A simply stunning, stylish and elegant timepiece!

Jason W - Sydney, Australia

I received my Maxim as promised, thank you. It’s beautiful! A bold choice I know – white face, blue strap. But it’s very different to the other watches I own, and receives many favourable comments. Thank you also for the excellent service!

Ian B, Surrey

Just to let you know, my watch arrived yesterday.  It is truly stunning.  Thanks so much!

Kristina F, London


The Maxim Black is a fantastic timepiece that has surpassed my expectations. I currently own a Breitling and a Longine amongst others but this is easily my favourite watch. I particularly like the face design in that it has many levels and textures to it. It is also the perfect sizing and just looks so classy. Congratulations on putting together a lovely watch!

Mark S, Staffordshire

Rebecca was truly my favorite novel ever written and I've read it at least 7 times and seen the Hitchcock movie at least 5 times. Unforgettable, just like the watch. Thank you for creating such a classically beautiful watch. I feel extraordinarily lucky to own a Rebecca.

Erin S, Oregon, United States


Thank you for going above and beyond - for helping get the watch here in time, and, of course for another truly beautiful watch.

Rebecca, Alberta, Canada


Dear sirs just to say thanks for an amazing timepiece. I was lucky enough to get the Maxim as a 60th birthday gift and have never had it off my wrist since October. It is stunning, simple, elegant and a beautiful piece of jewellery all in one package. Just fantastic, thank you.

R.Graham - Scotland

Thank you for the excellent service and the product – it is most excellent!


Dan W, London


The watch has arrived, thank you and I love it! - very individual and every detail has been carefully thought out. I have been looking for a watch for a long time and the Rebecca hits the mark - I shall very much enjoy wearing it.


Mary L - Norfolk


Anticipation is sweet, and I was not disappointed. I love the appearance, of course, but also the weight and feeling of solid quality and was most impressed about the two catches on the bracelet, very neat and subtle. Well done all of you!


Jeanne W - Berkshire


The watch arrived safely this morning and I have been admiring every aspect of your beautiful creation. It is very elegant and wearing it will give me great pleasure. Can’t wait to start wearing it!


Diana - London


Watch arrived this morning, great service and presentation. The Watch looks lovely!


Tony R - Plymouth


A satisfactory result all round. I look forward to many happy years with the watch and maybe it will prove to be an investment!


John C - Sherborne


The watch arrived bang on time and it is spectacularly chic and beautiful. I will treasure it always. Thank you so much.


Ian B - York


My new Maxim arrived in its stunning case and upon opening revealed an absolutely beautiful timepiece. I love how the subtle hints of the 1930's are reflected in the classic design of the watch and the Du Maurier logo. I decided upon the brown strap after hours of deliberation, and I am thrilled with the look. Also, I was very pleased to have been given the option to choose which one of the 300 I wanted.

Overall, one of the best buying experiences that I have had, and I am now looking forward to seeing the designs of future watches from Du Maurier Watches. Many thanks!

Chris S, London SW8



I am very impressed with my new purchase, the Maxim is a beautiful timepiece. Keep up the good work!


Chris J, London



The du Maurier watches are not only things of beauty, they are a worthy investment for the future. My husband and I have purchased first issue Maxim and Rebecca models and you can see the love and care put into the design and quality of the materials by Ned and Marianna. We look forwards to following their progress with much interest.


Kate C, Somerset



I bought the Maxim for my husband - he loves it & so do I. Thanks for the quick delivery & great customer service!


Paula S, Dorset