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And the winner is…

Our competition to win a Rebecca ladies watch has just closed. It’s always lovely announcing the winner and knowing that you’ve just made someone’s day. I reckon everyone likes that bit! 

You may have noticed that we don’t make a habit of giving our watches away, in fact, I think we’ve only given four of them away in total. A couple were magazine competitions and one was a facebook competition for the last limited edition Maxim Black II, and that was well over a year ago. Given that we clearly don’t make a habit of this, when it does happen, it generally needs to be for a good cause and we are pretty happy that this was one of the best.  

I’ll back-track briefly: last autumn Ned’s dad, Kits, called to ask if we’d like to take over administration of the official Daphne du Maurier website, Long story short, we didn’t feel that we had the time to do it justice, so were obliged to decline. It was lucky for everyone that we did, as rescue was on its way in the shape of the lovely Ann and David Willmore who run the brilliant Bookends of Fowey. bookends-of-foweyThey bravely stepped up and have taken the project on with an enthusiasm born of true passion for their subject. If you visit their shop you’ll see what I mean. Do go and have a browse and say hello to them if you’re in Fowey, it’s well worth a visit. 

At the beginning of it all, we met Ann and David over coffee and cakes in Pinky Murphy’s in Fowey to have a look at their plans and fill them in on our website redesign. (The cakes were great by the way, another place you must try if you haven’t already!) rebecca ladies watch mother of pearl rose gold diamonds du maurierWhilst inhaling huge slabs of something deeply sticky and calorific, we agreed to help them get their new site and Facebook page established by offering a Rebecca watch as a competition prize. The idea was to get as many visitors to the new Daphne du Maurier website as possible and to get a good batch of Facebook ‘likes’ underway. 

Cut to present day: the competition closed at the end of last week, the winner was announced yesterday and the prize is winging its way as I write. Ann and David’s Facebook page is happily established and visitors to their lovely new website are increasing day by day. I’d say that constitutes a successful outcome for a good cause!


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