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It’s All About Us!

Sharing…our Chip dog
Sharing…Marianna working hard on our stand at the recent Luxury Travel Fair

I’ve just spent far more time than I anticipated re-writing the ‘About Us’ page for our website. The impetus to get on with it has come from a need to finally produce a glossy booklet. I figured it was a good idea to design our new watch boxes (yes, new stuff is coming!) with a cunning compartment for the warranty card and another for a lovely, glossy book. Silly me! The boxes are mid-ship and I haven’t got anything to fill the gaping hole designed to hold a carefully crafted manual. 

In the middle of the ‘getting on with it’, however, it struck me that I have no idea how much we actually share. The way we communicate about us and our company has always been as honest and open as possible. From the off, we tried hard not to fall into the trap of corporate language or flowery sales talk. It’s simply not what we’re about.

Maybe the odd blog post has limbered me up, or maybe 5 years of chatting to so many of you has helped. Whatever the reason, this time, although it took an age (and I’m still struggling for the right words on the last line) I think I’ve said what we meant to say all along. I realise we don’t share that many photos either, so I’ve included a couple here that didn’t make the final cut. Best stop now or I’ll be in danger of oversharing and that won’t do at all.

Do have a look at the re-write and let us know what you think. I’ve got to print that booklet soon, so all amendments must be made before I put it in 200gsm high gloss for posterity!


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