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New website, new blog

View from our new offices at Du Maurier Watches

As I write this, I am fighting the urge to grab a coffee & drink it outside in the sun. The rain has finally stopped &, the sun is doing its best to burn off the mist. This Spring feels like it has been a long time coming & I have that very British urge to embrace the sun with a desperation born of enduring months of grey sogginess. I, however, have a blog to write so the coffee & spring sunshine will have to wait for a while.

Here goes…

For those of you who have already discovered us, you will know that we are a watch brand with a difference. We are a family business making a product we love. My husband, Ned, & I started the company in 2012 & we keep it pretty straightforward. We design watches that we would love to wear ourselves, using top quality materials which will endure over the years and, most importantly, offered at a sensible price.  This, coupled with the best customer experience we can offer, is the company in a nutshell.

The Du Maurier name comes from Ned who is Daphne du Maurier’s grandson. He is the one who is obsessively passionate about watches &, for many years, has longed to start his own business doing something he loves. I’ll be honest, it was watches or guitars. We felt his strumming skills were never going to rival Clapton but, I do concede, he does have a mean eye for design!

Over the course of these missives Ned & I will fill in the details but if there is anything you would particularly like us to write about, just contact us & let us know.

At the moment my time is taken up with the new website which I do hope you like! There will be a lot more to add to it over the next few weeks but I do hope the new, smart look will make it a pleasure to browse through. Do let us know what you think.

The other big change is our new office. We have migrated to a lovely spot down the road where there is a lot more space, so this will hopefully be the end of stubbed toes & bruised shins. It also helps that we are on the lovely Forde Abbey estate, so I can’t complain about the view either. I can, however, complain about the lack of a kettle as I’d love to have a quick coffee outside. I’ll get it on the to-do list!

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